Systems Integration Talend

Information systems are an integral part of today's organizations. To utilize them fully, it is necessary to connect all components of individual systems and make use of these created synergies to fulfil goals on every level of an organization.

A suitable way to achieve such synergies is systems integration. Orchitech Solutions as a systems integrator guarantees the realization of all activities and processes that will lead to implementation and integration of often varying information systems and applications in one fully functional whole.

Our services for systems integration

Orchitech Solutions focuses its offer of systems integration services on analytical and consulting activities, and on actual realization of integration in an organization's environment.

 Analyses and consultations

  • Analysis of status, concept and architecture of information systems and technologies
  • Analysis and optimization of processes
  • Performance testing
  • Realization of systems integration

Realization of concepts and architecture of IS/IT

  • Designing systems (from infrastructure to final systems and their connections with their environments)
  • Connecting individual information systems


A complex platform for system intergration

Integration of systems, applications and data would not be possible without a complex platform, which creates its software foundations. Talend company products are such a platform and Orchitech Solutions has the best experience with them, expecially in the Business Intelligence area, using JasperSoft.

Open-source, which conquered the market.

A whole set of open-source products is distributed under the Talend brand, focusing on all areas of system integration. Those products provide support for different project teams during the whole integration process (independently of the size of the organization or its specialization).

Gartner, one of the leading consulting companies, awarded Talend as a visionary product in its field in the "Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools" report. Talend is also widely used by major corporations across different business fileds (for instance eBay, Deutsche Post and others)

Talend Open Studio

In its projects, Orchitech Solutions usually makes use of the Talend Open Studio tools, which focuses on the following areas:

  • Data Migartion
  • Data Synchronization
  • ETL processes
  • CRM Data quality
  • Data Quality in Data Warehouses (DWH)
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data Management

Orchitech Solutions integrators have a lot of experience with this product, which is why apart from the actual system integration services, we offer consultations and workshops regarding the Talend platform.