Custom Software Development

Orchitech Solutions offers a complete range of services in developing software and information systems tailored to the client's specific needs. We focus on the required functionality, but also efficiency, risk-aversion, returns on investments and a verifiable contribution of information technologies to the organization.

Our Experience

Orchitech Solutions has experience with software development in these areas in particular:

  • Processes inside organizations, identity management
  • Marketing, survey processing
  • Systems Integration
  • Business-to-business systems
  • Database keeping and services based on it (SOA)
  • E-shops for specific purposes
  • Internet and extranet applications
  • Internet presentations

Orchitech Solutions offers services in the whole project lifecycle from initial consultations to operation support.

Consulting the business plan

The key and fundament of every project is the client's wish. Orchitech Solutions can supplement it with the advantages of information-based approach and modern technologies. In this phase, Orchitech Solutions offers alternatives and directions that will further increase the project's business potential.

Analysis and design

A good analysis and design of a system are a critical part of its creation. They guarantee understanding between the customer and the supplier and make sure that the final product will be a consistent and high-quality unit.


The development itself emphasizes quality management. Orchitech Solutions uses so-called agile techniques and extreme programming methodology. We emphasize automated testing of individual components and iteration-based development. That allows us to react to the customer's new requirements without endangering the existing functionality of the product. 


Besides automated (unit) testing, Orchitech Solutions also carries out integration and user testing. The goal is to supply a highly usable project with a minimum of deviations from the agreed-upon specifications. Editing needs vary from project to project. The customer therefore gains access into a system that allows him to specify his needs and watch the progress of their solutions, thus making sure that nothing will be overlooked.


Orchitech Solutions has experience with introducing projects into new environments. From rented hosting to complex heterogeneous environments with demands on high accessibility. The manner of the product's implementation into the target environment is consulted with the customer in the early phases. This allows us to frequently discover less conventional ideas, which elegantly decrease the financial demands and increase the solution's reliability.

Further development

Demands of projects usually change with the organization's growth and with changes in external factors. Orchitech Solutions creates all projects with the future in mind. We emphasize extensibility, editing potential and possible integration with other systems. A necessary condition is a clear design of the system and the agile methods in use.

Further development usually goes hand in hand with applying release management, which ensures that the client's production environment is always in a fully functional state.

During its existence, Orchitech Solutions has created professional techniques, which allow us to carry out transitions to new versions of projects with minimal or no loss of functionality.