Business Intelligence Solutions

The term Business Intelligence (BI) includes advanced analytical and reporting tools, which allow companies to extract the maximum of relevant information from their sources of data. Relevant and timely information are a key requirement of efficient management of an organization.

For whom are Business Intelligence solutions meant?

BI solutions are meant for everyone who frequently needs relevant and timely information that is based on complex analyses of often varying data. Such information will be welcome by top management and analysts in the entire company alike.

Business Intelligence deals with processing and analyzing historical data. Their meaningful outputs in the form of reports will then be accessible to a company's management.

Modern BI tools are also dedicated to future-modelling, the so-called predictive analysis. Managers and analysts on levels of a company are thus given more tricks to help them manage and develop companies and organizations.

Our experience with Business Intelligence solutions

Orchitech Solutions' BI solutions are based on the open-source product Jaspersoft. It is a complex package of BI tools, equal in quality to the top products in BI, but at a fraction of the price. That is one of the reasons Jaspersoft is one of the most widely used products in BI solutions.


With the ever-growing awareness about Business Intelligence (BI) among the IT managers, the number of specialized BI solutions increases as well. The days, when BI solutions were necessary only in big corporations are long gone. On the contrary, more and more small and medium businesses (SMB) incorporate some kind of BI solution.

JasperSoft, affordable quality.

Thanks to the increased demand for BI solutions by SMBs, it is no big surprise that apart from the traditional big players, more affordable BI solutions became available on the market. The most dominant in this field is an open-source platform from JasperSoft (JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite).

JasperSoft, fully fledged BI platform

Even though open-source solutions for BI used to serve mostly as additional parts of the BI architecture, in the case of JasperSoft, the situation is different. JasperSoft is a complete platform ideal even for very demanding customers. At the moment, JasperSoft is the only go-to BI solution for SMBs.

JasperSoft, complex set of BI tools

JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite can be depended on, mainly thanks to the following powerful tools:

  • JasperReports Library – JAVA based reporting engine, enabling combination of data from different sources, as well as data visualization and export.
  • JasperReports Server – Effective and very flexible reporting server, which enables even the least technical users to easily comprehend data reports.
  • JasperSoft iReport Designer – Graphical User Interface extension for JasperReports and JasperReports Server
  • JasperSoft Studio – JasperReports design extension for the Eclipse developers community
  • JasperSoft ETL – Integration engine for the Talend platform, which manages the retrieval of data from different sources, data transformation based on pre-defined rules and storage of data in a data warehouse.
  • JasperSoft OLAP – Complex engine for large amount of data analysis.

Orchitech Solutions uses JasperSoft for many years and it is a basic building block for our BI solutions.