Archiving Solution Archivematica

Many companies must deal with the problem of long-term archiving, be it for legal or other reasons. The common issue of companies today, is the amount of different formats they have to use on a daily basis. Depending on the specifics of the organization, these formats can be of electronic communication origin, corporate IS outputs or simply high number of scanned documents. The solution, which Orchitech offers its clients is the open source Archivematica system.

Our archiving services:

  • Consulting regarding long-term archiving of documents
  • Archiving system design, including implementation of specific demands.
  • Integrating the system into our customers infrastructure.
  • Development of any required connectors and modules.
  • Training of users and administrators, should the customer wish to run the system on his own.
  • Maintenance services and support.
  • Hosting for those customers who cannot or do not want to use their own infrastructure.

Successful open-source platform Archivematica

Archivematica is a high quality system for digital data archivation. Functionality of this product is directly derived from its integrated nature, since it incorporates a wide variety of open source tools for archivation, managing and monitoring of digital data. This approach makes the Archivematica complex, but open platform rivaling the best commercial competitors on the market.

Standards and "Best practises"

Even though the Archivematica is an open-source project, it is fully compatible with all key standards of digital archivation, which is an essential prerequisite for integration with additional information systems. Archivematica also follows "Best practices" in the data archivation field. This pragmatic orientation helps to make use of already implemeted solutions, which Orchitech Solutions completes with necessary customization and personalization, based on customer needs.

Side note

Did you know that long-term preservation of digital information requires more attention than preserving other media?

For example, in the 1990's the most popular text editor in the Czech Republic was Text602. It was used to draft agreements, it was taught in schools. The usual archiving media was a floppy disk. Data on a floppy disk will last for about 3 years, but even undamaged digital data is not necessarily a success. Old T602 documents will be difficult to convert to modern formats. Moreover, even if you succeed, it will be hard to evaluate whether the results are comparable to the way they were displayed in the original program

It is therefore obvious that if you wish to have old digital information readily at your disposal, it is essential to devote some time and energy to this problem.

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